Jewish Day 学校 Standards and Benchmarks

Jewish Day 学校 Standards and Benchmarks supports schools in delivering excellence in the teaching of Judaic studies. It provides high-quality professional learning for instructional leaders that inspires teachers and 学生 to delve deeply and meaningfully into the study of our sacred texts. Through participation in the initiative, Judaic Studies leaders will gain invaluable insights into their own leadership practices.

Over 90 day schools across denominations have participated in the Standards and Benchmarks programs to elevate their teaching of Tanakh and rabbinics, helping them meet their expectations of excellence for Judaic studies.

仅仅一年时间, the changes in our learning community and the excitement sparked by these changes have been palpable. Under the guidance and mentorship of the institute’s leaders, there is a heightened sense of shared vision and mission amongst our teachers, who look forward to meeting each week to learn from and with each other. 最令人兴奋的是, 虽然, 我们的学生, 眼睛闪闪发光, enthusiastically engage with the text, finding their places in the stories and teachings of our people and creating a home for these stories in their hearts.

—Nancy Rosen, Judaic Studies Coordinator, Solomon Schechter Day 学校 of Greater Hartford

A Standards-Based Approach

A standards-based approach aids schools in articulating and creating a coherent vision for their curriculum. This vision provides school leaders, 教师, 学生, and parents with a shared understanding of overarching goals, helping to set expectations and criteria for mastering Tanakh and rabbinics—ultimately greatly improving student learning.

Participating schools reflect on the standards in order to select those that best speak to their vision:


  • Literary Independence
  • Chain of Interpretation
  • Multi-Vocal历史
  • 造型的叙述
  • 以色列地
  • 神圣的搏斗
  • Mitzvot的角色
  • 鼓舞人心的资源


  • 神与圣洁(Kedushah)
  • Halakhic发展
  • Jewish Identity and Practice
  • Pursuing Justice and Loving Kindness
  • Rabbinic Value Commitments
  • 文本的访问
  • Voices in Conversation

Instructional 领导

Skilled instructional leaders guide their 教师’s professional development to improve teaching and learning. Jewish Day 学校 Standards and Benchmarks provides schools’ Judaic studies leaders with an intensive program, advancing their skills to review and revise curriculum and instruction; coach and mentor 教师; and develop collaborative 教师 cultures.

Our work with The Standards and Benchmarks program has made a fantastic positive impact on our community in many ways. For our Instructional Leaders the opportunity to … connect with colleagues, 与导师合作, learn Torah Lishmah and grow professionally has been energizing and [has] provided support for their leadership.

—Jodi Hirsch Rein, Principal, Gesher Jewish Day 学校


Jewish day school leaders looking to advance their instructional leadership skills and to enhance the teaching and learning of sacred texts should apply.

The program is applicable to all school divisions (Elementary–High 学校) supporting Conservative, 改革, 现代正统的, and community day schools across North America.

This project is generously supported by funders that include the Mayberg Foundation.